Today I Choose

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He Gives Life

Today I CHOOSE to believe in God. Not in His existence, which is beyond question. Rather, I choose to believe in the personhood of God. His word, His character, His faithfulness, His sacrifice and the promises that He made to me.

When I pray today I WILL believe that He will answer my prayers and so I will declare with my lips that which is in my heart and I will have my petitions answered – Mark 11:22-24

I will bring ALL of my concerns to Him today. My concerns for the protection of my children – My concerns for a nation that is falling – My concerns for my friends who are hurting and need an answer from God. In bringing them to Him I will be thankful that He has allowed me to boldly approach His throne of grace and by trusting in Him with my petitions He has promised to guard my heart and mind so that the enemy can’t steal my joy – Philippians 4:6

Though I need shelter, food, clothing, medical and other needs I will not make those needs my priority. No, I CHOOSE to seek the kingdom of God first, knowing that if I, by faith, choose the better that God will provide for my needs because I put Him first in my life – Matthew 6:25-34

Today I will praise Him. Today I will declare HIs goodness. Today I will not rehearse or nurse my past wounds but I will bind them up in His presence. Today I choose to forgive those who have wronged me. Today…

I choose to believe in God and that He will protect my heart and provide for my needs and watch over my family with a fervent passion.

Today will not be yesterday and you be can be sure that tomorrow has already changed from what it was going to be because I have called on the Living God who has the ability to change my environment because of His great power.

Oh Lord, you are good, you are great and you are lovely.

You never fail and you never let those who trust in you be put to shame. Romans 10:11

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