PurposeHe Gives Life


HeGives.Life is the ministry of Brian and Melinda Ward.  The purpose that God has birthed within us is to rekindle in believers a living, breathing faith in Jesus and His Father – faith in His love, faith in His goodness, and faith in His power.  We desire to introduce the hurting, broken, and bound to the God who still heals, restores and sets free. We desire to see the power, purpose and presence of Jesus reclaimed for a new generation of believers.  The world is crying out for answers and those answers must be found and grounded in the POWER of God that comes through abiding by faith in His presence.

True faith brings about God’s kingdom into our lives through the transformation of our character.  The more we abide in Him through faith the more we can let go of abiding in our fears. Fear denies God’s presence in our lives but Faith causes us to truly become sons and daughters of God. Faith, power and presence belong to those who follow Christ and it’s time we move into the fullness of what Christ gave to us through His sacrifice on the cross.

We are living in dangerous times but now is not the time to pull back or look back.  The book of Acts showed us the way and that is the abiding presence of The Holy Spirit.  When God moves by His Spirit there is no power in Hell or on Earth that can stop His designed purpose from coming to pass.

Our vision is to see the power of God restored into the lives of believers so that we all might have the fullness of Christ, who is the head of the church.  When that fullness is realized then we will have a wellspring of life that never stops flowing.  We have a strong desire to see the masses free from fear, stress and depression.  It’s time for the oil of gladness to be restored to believers.  Only an abiding faith in Christ can restore that joy and we are on a mission to see hope and faith alive and well in God’s church.

If you desire to have Brian and Melinda minister at your church please contact them HERE.