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Have you ever asked the question, “How can I change my life?” Have you set out to make a change but ultimately threw in the towel because the change you had hoped to achieve didn’t meet up to your expectations? Author Max Lucado said, “Grace is the voice that calls us to change and then gives us the power to pull it off.” May you find the inspiration, grace, and determination to GROW in all areas of life as you seek the giver of LIFE Himself – Jesus Christ. He is the author and initiator of all lasting change and in Him lies the power for true transformation.

Listed below by topic are some building blocks to help facilitate the process of growth in several areas. This list will be a work in progress as we continue to find and add life-giving articles and messages from a variety of sources. We will begin with the SOURCE of all truth, the Word of God. In some sections you may also find free downloadable pdf’s that contain printable scriptures on a given topic to post where you can see it and feed on it each day. Keeping the word of God before us day and night, especially in a targeted area, helps to dispel the lies of the enemy that have become imbedded into our thought processes and transforms our thinking to become like His. This is where true VICTORY begins. Repentance is the beginning of change and growth and may begin with “I’m sorry.” But for change to last our repentance must be deep enough to cause us to dig into His word and allow the Word to change the way we think. This is the pathway to BUILD confidence in the God who never fails and to GROW a freedom that cannot be taken away.

Please note that many of the links to various articles and messages listed here will take you away from this site and onto another organization’s website. We cannot vouch for every belief these organizations have. However, in our research to compile relevant resources for this section that are free and available 24/7 we found the links to these specific items to be both enriching and helpful. We hope you will find them to be the same. Enjoy!




How to Overcome:

When thoughts of fear, doubt, anger, etc. enter our mind, we must train ourselves to immediately turn to what the Word of God says about the matter and begin to speak it, think about it, and dwell upon it until the TRUTH of God’s word becomes more real to us than the thoughts or feelings we are trying to overcome. Just like an athlete conditions his muscles through repetitive workouts, we must condition our heart to respond to negative thoughts, emotions and circumstances in faith so that when a real crises occurs, our FIRST response will be one of complete trust in our Heavenly Father and His goodness. We may not be able to control what thoughts initially enter our brain but the great news is that we CAN control what stays there and becomes a part of our heart! Proverbs 4:23 says to “Guard your heart above all else for it determines the course of your life”.

We guard our heart by taking captive every thought that is contrary to what the Word of God says. Our mind is the area where the enemy of our soul launches attacks to get us to doubt God’s love as well as His goodness and faithfulness towards us. The mind is also the battleground in relationships because no hurtful word or action is ever done without first originating as a thought. The enemy sends accusing thoughts to us constantly in order to bring division between us and others. But James chapter 4 says if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us and if we submit to God and resist the devil then he must flee. We can resist him by choosing to change the way we think and by not accepting the enemy’s lies as truth, no matter how real they may feel at the time. God’s Word – the only real truth – changes EVERYTHING when we allow it to do its work in our heart. James 1:21 says to receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.

So how do we overcome? Feed upon the Word of God until it becomes implanted in our heart and is evidenced by what we speak. Find out what the Word of God has to say about your situation and begin to read it and speak it until your heart believes it. Then TRUST the giver of LIFE to bring about the miraculous in YOUR life!


In NEED of:

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