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Hope and Healing

Hope and HealingHe Gives Life


The Lord is My Helper - Download Free Scripture Printables from HeGives.Lifeview

My Helper

The Lord delights when we ask Him for help. He just wants us to trust Him with the outcome when we do ask Him. In fact, Hebrews 11:6 says, “anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that...
Hope Begins Here - Resources on HeGives.Lifeview


Are you looking for answers yet haven’t found one that fits? Have you experienced the longing for more out of life but don’t quite know exactly what you’re looking for or how to find it? Is there...
Divine Fulfillment - Download Free Scripture Printables from HeGives.Life.view

Divine Fulfillment

Complete satisfaction can only come from one place and that is the presence of Almighty God. We were made to crave Him and He alone is capable of filling that God-shaped hole inside. He satisfies the a...
Health & Healing FREE Scripture Printable from HeGives.Lifeview

Health and Healing

Health and healing are part of our inheritance as children of the living God. It was never God’s intention for man to be sick. There was no sickness in the Garden of Eden and Jesus paid a high pr...
Unwavering Hope FREE Scripture Printable from HeGives.Lifeview

Unwavering Hope

Martin Luther once said, “Without hope faith cannot endure….Before anything else a Christian must have the insight of faith, so that the intellect may know its directions in the day of trou...
Protection of the Lord FREE Scripture Printable from HeGives.Lifeview

Protection of the Lord

Do you find yourself fearing the worst after reading news headlines or watching tragic news on TV? Do thoughts of worry plague your mind when thinking about the safety of your loved ones? Proverbs 18:1...
A Thankful Heart - FREE Scripture Printable from HeGives.Lifeview

A Thankful Heart

A thankful heart is the antidote to frustration, discouragement, and depression.  A heart that practices thanksgiving will also overcome jealousy and envy because it will be too busy being thankful for...